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Adventures are where one gains experience points (XP) once one finishes clearing their island of bandits at Level 26. These battles are tough and very resource intensive and often take several days building of weapons, troops, brew and bread.

Gaining Adventures

First one needs to obtain an Adventure (your first one comes free as a reward for achieving Level 26). One can do this by sending an Explorer on an Adventure search (which requires gold coins and sausages). He will come back with either 3 Map Fragments or a whole Adventure. One can also trade for adventures or receive them as quest rewards or loot from other adventures.

Before you Start

You should build up your residences until you have an ideal store of units ready to take on any adventure. As standard you should have 200 Soldiers, 200 Cavalry, 200 Crossbowmen (200 Longbowmen will do until you can create Crossbows). As a good adventurer you will lose very few of these damage units insead sacrificing recuits and occasionally bowmen in their place. Most of the time you will be using the barracks to create recuits and when your population is getting close to full head out on an adventure.

Starting an Adventure

  • Adventure Tab

    Click the Adventure in your Star Menu, view its details and click Start Adventure. A new tab appears on the right of your screen with a countdown of the time remaining to complete it.
  • Use the guides on this page to create an army by filling a Generals Garrison and then clicking the Adventure Tab. Select "Send Army" and choose your Generals to be sent. You can hover over them to see what troops they control. Basic generals take 30 minutes to arrive on the adventure island.
  • Click the Side Tab again and select Visit to go to the new island. After 30 minutes your General(s) will arrive and you can begin to move them, attack or send them home.


  • Typically you will send at least 1 General back home right away to bring more soldiers. You do this by emptying the Generals Garrison (Don't worry your troops stay on the Adventure island and cannot be lost or harmed while not garrisoned)
  1. Move to the bottom bar
  2. Click on your portrait and select Send Army
  3. Select the empty Garrison General
  4. Press OK to send him back home (again 30 mins)


  • When you need to pop home yourself just click the Home button on the left of the bottom bar, just as you do when visiting a friends island.

The Goal


The aim of each adventure is stated on the Details screen, which can be seen by clicking the Adventure Tab at any time. The vast majority require you to clear only the Leader's Camps, and possibly a few unique structures, to take the sectors .

The best course of action is to fight as few of the standard camps (those with an area of effect) as possible and hit the Leader Camp to clear the sector. Now use that taken sector to move your general to more useful locations and repeat until the island is yours.

Completing and Rewards


Once you achieve all the goals and clear the island the Complete Quest arrow directs you to click on the Quest List and click OK. The Quest is now complete and you are prompted to return home.

Once home you recieve an email that contains the XP and and a a random selection of goodies from a predefined list of items. Typically the more XP an Adventure gives the lower the material rewards and vice versa. Click accept to to have the XP applied and the rewards will appear in your Star Menu.

On rare occasions you will receive from an Adventure, a decoration or unique building for the final reward in the email.

How is XP Calculated?

The amount of XP you receive from an adventure is based on the number of bandits that you defeated, and also on any extra sub-quests that you may have completed while doing the adventure.

For example, each Scavenger you defeat will give you 4 XP, so a bandit camp containing 100 Scavengers will provide 400XP. If you defeat a Bandit Leader, then all bandit camps in the same sector are automatically defeated, and you receive all the XP from those camps too.

During an adventure, you may also receive sub-quests, which give some extra XP. For example, the Tropical Sun adventure has 6 sub-quests which give a total of 750XP when completed.

In order to receive maximum XP from an adventure, you should complete all sub-quests and destroy all bandit leader camps. Many adventures can be completed without destroying all Leader camps (Dark Priests, for example), and doing so will conserve troops, but you will get less XP.

Troops Returning Home


Any Troops who are not in a Garrison at the time you press complete will come home but in a slower group than your Generals. This includes your final attacking force, unless you wait till them to arrive back in their Garrison first.

Also note that injured Generals have zero troops in their garrison. You can mouse over the icon in the Star Menu to see their progress in travelling back to your Island.

Failing an Adventure

You can fail in two ways, by either:

  1. failing to complete the island in the alloted time
  2. by pressing Cancel on the Adventure Tab or Quest List window.

Failed Adventures won't gift you any of the bonus rewards you expect from a successful completion.

Inviting Friends and "loot spots"

In the higher level adventures, you can invite other people to help defeat the enemies. You need to invite them specifically by opening up the "show details" window of the adventure, click on an empty head and type the name of the friend you want to invite. They have 8 or 12 hours to respond to the invite - after that time the spot becomes available again. In that case you can send a new invite.

Players that help and get at least one kill, will receive the same loot as you. The XP will be divided amongst the players, depending on the number of enemies defeated.

This led to the phenomenon of "loot spots", where you ask friends to come into an adventure late, just make one kill and get rewarded richly for that kill. Some adventure guides specifically highlight where players can make a kill without affecting the main player's XP too much.

Invited players have to stick with you until the end of the adventure - they cannot be invited in another game. They can start their own adventure, though. That's why it is common courtesy to only invite for a loot spot when you're almost done.



You can move the Adventure tab around by clicking and holding on the golden edges of the tab and dragging it around, I personally drag it to the bottom right where there is a gap in the interface to keep it off the main areas of play.

When starting a new map you should try Transferring a General right away, any suitable places for a Garrison will light up and some might jump you directly next to a leader and therefore skip several unnecessary battles. When Transfering you cannot be attacked so never fear crossing an enemy sector to get a better position.