Every adventure in the game is allocated a 'type'. The adventure types are:

Experience Adventures

These are adventures that provide better-than-average experience.  If you are trying to gain levels quickly, then these adventures should be completed.

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward
Gunpowder2 Gunpowder Icon xp 37,785
Horseback2 Horseback Icon xp 7,230
Sons of the veld2 Sons of the Veld Icon xp 33,440
Surprise attack2 Surprise Attack Icon xp 41,820
The nords2 The Nords Icon xp 27,530
Traitors2 Traitors Icon xp 8,710
Witch of the swamp2 Witch of the Swamp Icon xp 5,663
The nordsII 2 The Invasion of the Nords Icon xp 49,530

Resource Adventures

Resource adventures are those which provide good amounts of loot rewards.  They may not necessarily give good experience points, but by completing these adventure, you will fill your storehouses quicker, especially with the expert resources, Granite and Exotic Wood Logs.

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward
Bandit nest2 Bandit Nest Icon xp 9,880
Outlaws2 Outlaws Icon xp 14,020
Stealing from the rich2 Stealing from the Rich Icon xp 11,870
Island of the pirates2 The Island of the Pirates Icon xp 2,752
Victor the vicious2 Victor the Vicious Icon xp 27,482
Wild mary2 Wild Mary Icon xp 19,290

Follow-Up Adventures

A follow-up adventure is given as a rare drop reward from another adventure, and is designed as a continuation of the story from the original adventure.

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward Reward From
Motherly love2 Motherly Love Icon xp 3,030 The Island of the Pirates
Old friends2 Old Friends Icon xp 6,810 Witch of the Swamp
Adv return2bandit nest2 Return to Bandit Nest Icon xp 12210 Bandit Nest
Adv more secluded2 More Secluded Experiments Icon xp 26430 Secluded Experiments

Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures are harder adventures, with high losses, but usually provide an epic building as a rare drop in the loot.

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward Epic Reward
Roaring bull2 Roaring Bull Icon xp 37,580 Riding Statue
Secluded experiments2 Secluded Experiments Icon xp 39.935 Angel Gate
The black knights2 The Black Knights Icon xp 29,175 Dark Castle
The dark brotherhood2 The Dark Brotherhood Icon xp 51,987 Witch Tower

Event Adventures

Usually only found during a game event, these adventures are often very different to the normal adventures.  They may have a completely different look, or be completed in a different way.  

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward Event
Save the christmas feast2 Save the Christmas Feast Icon xp 4,890 Christmas Event
Adv stolen sleigh2 The Stolen Sleigh Icon xp 15290 Christmas Event
Eotw2 The End of the World Icon xp 8,210 End of the World 2012
Anniversary military01 The Shaman Icon xp 14,000 20th Anniversary
Anniversary military02 Old Ruins Icon xp 5,340 20th Anniversary
Anniversary retro01 A New Experience Icon xp 0 20th Anniversary
Anniversary retro02 Hero Wanted Icon xp 0 20th Anniversary
Anniversary retro03 The Jester's Map Icon xp 0 20th Anniversary
Anniversary retro04 Retro Style Icon xp 0 20th Anniversary
Anniversary retro05 Nothing Special Icon xp 0 20th Anniversary

Co-operative Adventures

Co-operative adventures require that each participant completes certain goals in order that the adventure can be completed.

Icon Adventure Players XP Reward
Adv co-op-1 The Siege 2 Icon xp 6105
Adv co-op-2 The Buccaneer Roundup 3 Icon xp 4720
Adv co-op-3 Raiding the Raiders 4 Icon xp 6312
Adv co-op-4 Lakeside Treasure 2 Icon xp 6810
Adv co-op-5 Tomb Raiders 3 Icon xp 7372
Adv co-op-6 Whirlwind 4 Icon xp 11676

Mini Adventures

The following adventures are short one-player adventures, which don't give particularly great experience or resource rewards:

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward
The lost skull2 The Lost Skull Icon xp 3,020
Tropical sun2 Tropical Sun Icon xp 6,110
Adv sleepingvolcano Sleeping Volcano Icon xp 4960
Adv sleepyreef Sleepy Reef Icon xp 3860
Adv piratelife Pirate Life Icon xp 5990
The dark priests2 Dark Priests Icon xp 5,975

Other Adventures

The following adventures don't fit into any of the above categories:

Icon Adventure Name XP Reward Details
Bounty hunter2 Bounty Hunter Icon xp 202 The 'Tutorial Adventure' is a unique adventure designed to teach the basics of adventuring.
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