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This FAQ tries to answer all those beginner questions we all had and are probably not made obvious during the Tutorial.

My Island

How do I get rid of those Blue Dotted borders between my Sectors?

The dotted borders can`t be removed. Unlike the offline games, the sectors you hold can`t be lost (right now you only lose them if you demolish the only Storehouse in the Sector). The dots show which sector you control and remain to define each sector.


How do I trade with others?

You cannot trade until you finish the Tutorial, when you will need a Branch Office to add trade options.


How do I get more Stone, Trees, Marble, Fish, Meat once it runs out?

For Stone and Marble: have your Geologist do another search for Resources of the type you want to find and he will reopen or find a new deposit, keep searching until your level or geography stops you finding any more.
For Fish and Meat you need to make a Buff in the Provision House under the Buffs tab and apply it to the stock from the Star Menu.
For Trees you need Hard Wood Foresters or Pine Wood Foresters.

Why can't I build on top of cleared Trees?

To ensure you never run out of basic resources all Deposits and Forests are static and only require rediscovery by a Geologist or a Forester to replenish.

How do I get Granite and Exotic Wood?

Both Granite and Exotic wood are only obtainable via Adventure rewards in bulk but you get smaller amounts from higher level Explorer searches , Daily Login Rewards and Daily Quests. Of course you can Trade for it as well.


Why am I losing troops so often?

You will loose troops on 99% of attacks, be sure to read our guides to avoid heavy losses.


How do roads work?

At this time roads are purely cosmetic but are handy for settlement planning to take advantage of the Proximity Bonus. For example, you could use them to lay down a grid at the start of your settlement to optimize building placement.

Why hasn`t construction for a building I placed started?

Is there a big Red ! on the top item of your build queue? This means you are lacking the resources to build it right now. You can either move it down the list to try the next building in the Queue or Cancel it with the X. Otherwise you can leave it there and once you have the resources it will build automatically, whether you are online or not!

How do I move a building?

See the production page.


How do I redeem a voucher code?

See Voucher Section .