Beta Period

Up until around 21st August 2013, the game was in Beta. That means that while the game was stable and fully playable there are elements still in development and will be updated and improved on by user feedback. Also it means that things were subject to change that might make the game easier or harder. During the last six months of the Beta period, little changed in the game aside from streamlining of the interface and additions that have been welcomed by most users.


Another example of this is the player cap of level 50. Players who reached this lofty level have no new content or goals to achieve but that was rectified and new high-level content added, such as Star Coins and Fairytale Adventures.

Beta Reward

Icon monument beta

Beta Memorial

Following the Beta Period on some servers, a reward was provided.

For the Pacific English server, this came in the form of a Beta Memorial decoration for your island on another server.