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Bone Church
B bone church.png
General Information
Size: 2x3.png 2x3
Type: Bandit Camp


The Bone Church is one of the main bandit camps in the Dark Priests Adventure, though it can also been seen in other adventures.  It's appearance, and name, suggest a sinister building constructed partly from bones, unlike the regular Church.

Hospitable Bone Church

The Hospitable Bone Church is a 'residence' building with a vertical 2x3 layout, like a watermill turned sideways. It houses 100 settlers comfortably.

It is available from two sources:

Icon Name Dates Description
Buff surprise box.png Paula's Surprise Box During Easter Event 2014 With less than 1% chance each time you open Paula's Surprise Box.
Adv co-op-6 2.png Whirlwind Since 21st Jan 2014[1] This is an fairly rare item that may be found in the loot after completing the Whirlwind adventure.