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Basic ranged fighter, with low hitpoints and damage. Will only be attacked when all melee troops of this army have been defeated.
General Information
Level Gained: 17
Type: Ranged Unit
Hitpoints: 10
Damage: 20 - 40
Accuracy: 80%
Initiative: Normal
Skills: Bonus AC in Tower


The Bowman is a basic ranged fighter. You do not use them for long at first, but they become important during Fairytale Adventures.


Bowmen are produced in the Barracks.

Number Cost
TroopsCSS.png 1 ResCSS.png 1 ResCSS.png 15 ResCSS.png 10
TroopsCSS.png 25 ResCSS.png 25 ResCSS.png 375 ResCSS.png 250


A bowman is cautious, which means that during a battle, the bowmen in any attacking army will only be attacked when all melee troops have been defeated.


Basic Ranged Fighter.

Very Low Hit Points.

Low Damage.

HP 10
Damage 20-40
Accuracy 80%
Initiative Normal
Skills Bonus AC in tower
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