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Buffs are created by use of gathered resources converted into Platters, Sandwiches or Baskets from the Buffs Tab in your Provision House.

Once you create a buff it is placed in your Star Menu and can be clicked on and placed on your production buildings to double their output, without increasing the resources consumed, for a brief period of time. Buffs can not be stacked at this time. Buffable buildings will light up once the buff has been selected to indicate buffable businesses.


Buffed Buildings

A buffed building is surrounded by silver sparkles or golden swirls as the worker doubles his efforts. Silver sparkles denotes a building that you have buffed yourself. Golden swirls are shown on a building that has been buffed by a friend.

Clicking the building brings up the information tab that will show green sparkles around the building product icon on the top right to show it's been buffed and above that a countdown timer to show how much longer the buff will be active for.


Friend Buffing Bonus

The great thing with buffs is that if you buff a friends buildings the buff duration is increased by 50%, this fosters good game play and encourages trading of buffs with fellow players.

To buff a friend visit them by clicking on their portrait on the bottom bar, select Visit, wait for their land to load, select the buff from your Star Menu and click on their production buildings, just as you do your own.

Click the Home Button on the bottom bar to get back to your island.

Provision Buffs

Provision buffs are made in the Provision House, from food resources such as Fish, Bread and Sausages.

Icon Name Used On Output Duration Friend Duration
Buff fish platter Fish Platter Production Building x2 30Mins 45mins
Buff sandwich Solid Sandwich Production Building x2 2 hours 3 hours
Buff basket Aunt Irma's Gift Basket Production Building x2 6 hours 9 hours

Merchant Buffs

Merchant buffs are bought from the Merchant Chest or Trading, usually for Gems or Guild Coins.

Icon Name Market Price Used On Output Duration Friend Duration
Buff exotic fruit basket Exotic Fruit Basket 99 Gems Production Building x3 12 hours 18 hours
Buff Red Flying Settler Red Flying Settler 199 Gems Production Building x3 24 hours 36 hours
Buff cookies Cookies N/A Production Building x3 32 hours 48 hours
Buff roasted duck Roasted Duck 280 Guild Coins Production Building x3 4 hours 6 hours
Buff piero pasta Piero's Bowl of Pasta 380 Guild Coins Production Building x3 8 hours 12 hours
Buff cheese sandwich Cheese Sandwich 50 Gems Mayor's House x10 10 minutes (impossible)
Buff love potion Love Potion 195 Gems Mayor's House x2 12 hours (impossible)
Buff drill plan Improved Drill Plan 125 Gems Barracks x2 12 hours (impossible)
Gold fever
Gold Fever 620 Guild Coins Gold Mine x3 16 hours 24 hours

Event Buffs

Event Buffs are seasonal items that can be bought from the Merchant Chest during the Easter, Halloween or Christmas events.

Icon Name Event Cost Used On Output Duration Friend Duration
Buff choc rabbit Chocolate Rabbit Easter ResCSS 40 Provision House x2 12 hours
Buff lucky charm Lucky Charm Easter ResCSS 120 Production Building x3 48 hours 72 hours
Buff myers Mr Myers Halloween ResCSS 20 Barracks x4 1 hour 1½ hours
Buff darkness Darkness Halloween ResCSS 5 Production Building x0 (friend‑only) 2 hours
Buff strong light Very Strong Light Halloween ResCSS 5 Production Building x4 2 hours (self‑only)
Buff frankenstein Frankenstein Halloween ResCSS 75 Marble Quarry +1,000 - -
Buff zombie Zombie Halloween ResCSS 80 Production Building x4 12 Hours 18 hours
Buff christmas dinner Christmas Feast Christmas ResCSS 50 Mayor's House x6 2 Hours 3 hours
Buff cookies Cookies Christmas ResCSS 80 Production Building x3 32 Hours 48 hours
Buff fermentation accelerator Fermentation Accelerator Christmas ResCSS 60 Brewery or Friary x4 24 Hours 36 hours
Buff hotdog Stadium Snacks Euro Cup ResCSS 150 Production Building x4 24 Hours 36 hours
Buff fan hat Fan Hat Euro Cup ResCSS 180 Mayor's House x2 8 Hours 12 hours

Lucky Explorer

The Lucky Explorer will occasionally bring back random buffs from a selection depending on the type of search. You may even get rare buffs like Bag of Rainbow Snow!

Issues with Reciprocal Friend Buffing

When a friend buffs you their icon appears on the left side of your game window and the buff sound plays just like it does when you buff yourself. If you are AFK the News chat tab will record the event but at this time does not tell you who buffed what with what kind of buff.

If you are logged off, visiting a friend or on an Adventure you will receive an email that records exactly who buffed what and how for each buff used so you can easily return the favour.