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How a Co-operative Adventure works.

Co-operative Adventures are Adventures which are designed in a special way to be completed by several players working together. Each participating player lands on the adventure at a different spawn location, and all players need to be involved in order to successfully and efficiently complete the adventure.

A cooperative adventure can only be cancelled by the player who started it. If the adventure is cancelled, all the players involved are moved back from the adventure map to their home islands and they receive Experience Points (or Star Coins for level 50 players) based on their contribution (i.e. defeated units). In case of a cancellation, the end reward will not be provided.

Co-operative adventures were introduced to the Test Server on Wednesday 8th January 2014.

Obtaining Co-operative Adventures

Cooperative adventures start from level 26 and can be obtained in many ways:

Adventure List

Icon Adventure Players Days Difficulty Max XP Cost
Adv co-op-1.png The Siege Co-op playersCSS.png 4 days DiffCSS.png ResCSS.png 61,??? ResCSS.png 150
Adv co-op-2.png The Buccaneer Roundup Co-op playersCSS.png 4 days DiffCSS.png ResCSS.png 36,??? ResCSS.png 150
Adv co-op-3.png Raiding the Raiders Co-op playersCSS.png 4 days DiffCSS.png ResCSS.png 63,??? ResCSS.png 295
Adv co-op-4.png Lakeside Treasure Co-op playersCSS.png 4 days DiffCSS.png ResCSS.png 68,??? ResCSS.png 295
Adv co-op-5.png Tomb Raiders Co-op playersCSS.png 4 days DiffCSS.png ResCSS.png 73,??? ResCSS.png 485
Adv co-op-6.png Whirlwind Co-op playersCSS.png 4 days DiffCSS.png ResCSS.png 98,??? ResCSS.png 395
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