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A Banner found on the Home Island


Collections allow you to collect items during adventures, and use them to gain new items.

  • Collectible items are found all over the map on you home island, and during adventures - they appear in the areas you have explored.
  • Collectible items appear on your home island "a few times each day".  In fact, new collectibles will respawn on your Home Island exactly 8 hours after you 'find' the first one.
  • As the above suggests, everyone's collectibles spawn at a different time, depending on when they last collected them.
  • Once clicked on, you will gain between 1 and 5 of the item, which will go into your storage and count towards your Collection completion.
  • Collections can be found in the Mayor's House Collections tab. They are unlocked and become available to you based on your level.  Storehouses do NOT have the Collections tab.
  • Once you have all the ingredients, you can start producing a Collection.
  • Once completed, your Collection item will be stored in the appropriate section of your Star Menu.
  • You can use the item from there to buff your appropriate buildings or use any other effects it might have.

Collection Items

Below is a list of items that can be found on your Home Island or on Adventures and the level at which they become available for collection:

Appearance Item Name Found in Level
B scarecrow ResCSS Scarecrow Home Island only. 16
B herbs ResCSS Herbs Home Island only. 16
B foodcart ResCSS Food Cart Home Island only. 18
B banner ResCSS Banner Home Island only. 20
B kettle ResCSS Kettle Home Island only. 20
B fur bundle ResCSS Fur Bundle Removed from game!. 22
B leather ResCSS Leather Home Island only. 22
B grain sacks ResCSS Grain Sacks Home Island only. 22
B wine barrel ResCSS Wine Barrel Home Island only. 22
B adamantium ore ResCSS Adamantium Ore Adventures only. 24
B bronze cauldron ResCSS Bronze Cauldron Adventures only. 26

Event Collectables

These items could/can only be collected during the specified event.

Appearance Item Name During
N/A Pumpkins Halloween Event
B candy cane Candy Cane Christmas Event
B christmas bell Christmas Bell Christmas Event
B gingerbread Gingerbread Christmas Event
B egg paint 2 Egg Paint Easter Event
B wicker basket 2 Wicker Basket Easter Event
B simple egg 2 Simple Egg Easter Event

Finding Collectibles

Collectibles are often well hidden on your map, and sometimes can be behind trees, rocks and even buildings.  If you are unable to see where a collectible is on your map, then you must move your mouse pointer over every tree, rock and building to find it.

From 19th February 2014 on the Test Server, and 27th March 2014 on the main servers, some other methods for finding those difficult collectibles were provided:

Friend Assistance

Collectible highlight
If you have a friend or fellow guild member who is good at finding the collectibles, then they can visit your map and click on the collectibles for you.  This then puts a bouncing blue arrow over the hidden collectible, making it much easier for you to find, especially if your friend tells you which sector it was found in.

Fairy Fire Buff

Buff fairy fire
The Fairy Fire buff can be purchased from the Black Market section of the Merchant Chest for ResCSS 9 Gems. When used, it will highlight all the collectibles on your island for 5 minutes by placing a bouncing blue arrow above them.

Fairy Light Buff

Buff fairy light
The Fairy Light buff can also be purchased from the Black Market section of the Merchant Chest for ResCSS 19 Gems. It works in the same way as the Fairy Fire, but may be used only when in adventures for find Adventure Collectibles. When used, it will highlight all the collectibles on the adventure island for 5 minutes by placing a bouncing blue arrow above them.

Multi-Player Adventures

When playing a multi-player adventure, in which collectibles appear, any participating player can click on the collectibles around the map, but all participants will receive it.  This works as soon as all players have accepted the invitation.  Their General does not need to be present on the island.

So, for example, if Dave and Sue are playing a 2-player adventure and both have Generals on the map. If Dave finds a Bronze Cauldron and clicks on it, then both Dave and Sue will receive a mail containing Bronze Cauldrons.

When playing a multi-player adventure, it is polite to wait until all participants have accepted the invitation before collecting any of the Bronze Cauldrons, which can't be found on the Home Island.


Below is a list of the available collections that can be completed. The time column also shows the gem-cost to produce the collection immediately when you have all ingredients.

Icon Collection Name Provides Requirements Time Level
Country saying Country Saying +400 Wheat Deposit ResCSS 25 ResCSS 20 5 mins
or ResCSS 15
Harvest ritual Harvest Ritual x4 Farm or Silo Productivity
for 12 hours
ResCSS 20 ResCSS 12 10 mins
or ResCSS 30
C buff fur festival Hunting Contest x5 Butcher Productivity
for 6 hours
ResCSS 25 ResCSS 10
ResCSS 4 ResCSS 3
10 mins
or ResCSS 137
C buff miracle bait Miracle Bait x5 Fisherman Productivity
for 6 hours
ResCSS 25 ResCSS 10
ResCSS 4 ResCSS 3
10 mins
or ResCSS 131
Whips n carrots Whips n Carrots x4 Stable Productivity
for 6 hours
ResCSS 25 ResCSS 15
ResCSS 10 ResCSS 5
10 mins
or ResCSS 30
Drill sergeant skunk Drill Sergeant Skunk x3 Barracks Productivity
for 12 hours
ResCSS 25 ResCSS 6
ResCSS 6 ResCSS 15
20 mins
or ResCSS 60
C buff golden ribbon Golden Ribbon x3 Iron Mine/Smelter
Productivity for 12 hours
ResCSS 25 ResCSS 15
ResCSS 2 ResCSS 2
ResCSS 2
10 mins
or ResCSS 188
Sip from the kettle A Sip from the Kettle x3 Population Increase
for 8 hours.
ResCSS 15 ResCSS 10
ResCSS 14 ResCSS 8
30 mins
or ResCSS 90
Potion of endless energy Potion of Endless Energy x3 Productivity
for 12 hours
ResCSS 40 ResCSS 10
ResCSS 12 ResCSS 6
30 mins
or ResCSS 90
C buff masterstookit Master's Toolkit x2 Epic Woodyard
Productivity for 6 hours
ResCSS 40 ResCSS 4
ResCSS 10 ResCSS 6
1 hour
or ResCSS 422
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