The Easter Adventures are part of the Easter Event. They take the form of adventure maps, in which 10 eggs are hidden. The player is required to find and click on each of the eggs to complete the Adventure.

During the Easter event, the guy in the rabbit suit will give you one quest chain every 6 days. Each quest chain will usually require you to complete two of the Easter adventures.

The adventures are all available from the Merchant for one Fish, but these provide no rewards. They may be used as backups, in case you cancel an adventure you need for a quest, or as practise adventures, or just-for-fun.

Easter 2012

The Easter event in 2012 lasted from Thursday 12th April until Thursday 3rd May, and there were 10 adventures available.

Ee hunting eggs2 Paper Chase - First Stage Ee cousins island2 Paper Chase - Second Stage
Ee missing map2 Paper Chase - Last Stage Ee new egg hunt2 Lost Easter Eggs
Ee sabotage2 The Search Continues Ee picasso2 The Last Island
Ee egg hunt begins2 Easter Eggs in the Mountains Ee in the dessert Easter Eggs in the Desert
Ee lost easter eggs2 Easter Eggs in the Dark Woods Ee egg hunt continues2 End of the Easter Egg Search

Easter 2013

The Easter event in 2013 ran for 3 weeks from Thursday 21st March until Thursday 11th April, and had just 8 adventures, which had different names to the previous year, although the icons were recycled.

Ee new egg hunt2 A New Egg Hunt Ee hunting eggs2 Hunting Eggs
Ee lost easter eggs2 Lost Easter Eggs Ee picasso2 Nearly a Picasso
Ee sabotage2 Sabotage Ee cousins island2 The Cousin's Island
Ee egg hunt begins2 The Egg Hunt Begins Ee egg hunt continues2 The Egg Hunt Continues

Easter 2014

During the Easter 2014 event, the same eight 'egg hunt' adventures from the 2013 event were used, but were no longer available from the Merchant Chest. They could only be done when required by an Easter quest.

There was, however, a new adventure added this year, which could be purchased from the Merchant Chest for ResCSS 95.

Ee garrun2 Garrun the Trapper
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