The Explorer is a powerful professional unit who has several handy functions in the game. Initially he is useful to explorer new Sectors on your home Island and remove the cloud that shrouds the land. Next he can be used to explore for resources at are a handy boost to production at all stages of the game, especially so early on, and lastly he can find adventures for you to get to higher levels once you reach Level 26.

Gaining Skills

Your Explorer is able to become even more useful by gaining Skills, which increase his efficiency. The Skills Tree can be found at the top of the Explorer page.

Find New Sector

Send your Explorer on a 10 minute run to open up new areas that are adjacent to areas you control on your main island.

As you open up new areas use the Explorer to push back the cloud further and allow you to advance into enemy held territory and through battles win it from the encombant Bandits.

Remember he can only explore areas that are directly connected by land to Sectors you control yourself with a Storehouse on them.

Find Resource

Tre hunt

When not exploring your own island your Explorer should always be finding resources, they take a great deal of time but the boost you get from found items will speed up your early development hugely.

Later in the game he will start finding resources that cannot be found on your island.  These are found in small quantities by the Explorer, with larger caches being found in adventures. Until you reach Level 26 this is what your Explorer should be doing all the time.

As your Explorer gains skills, he will eventually be able to perform one of the two special searches that are found at the bottom of the list.  For more information about these special searches, see the Artefact Search or the Rarity Search pages.

Treasure Search Type
Short (6hrs) Medium (12hrs) Long (24hrs) Very Long (48hrs)
ResCSS 25 (20.7%)
ResCSS 100 (10.4%)
ResCSS 25 (20.7%)
ResCSS 100 (10.4%)
ResCSS 5 (10.4%)
ResCSS 20 (5.2%)
ResCSS 5 (10.4%)
ResCSS 20 (5.2%)
ResCSS 5 (4.1%)
ResCSS 25 (2.1%)
ResCSS 50 (0.5%)
ResCSS 200 (27%)
ResCSS 350 (13.5%)
ResCSS 200 (27%)
ResCSS 350 (13.5%)
ResCSS 25 (5.4%)
ResCSS 50 (2.7%)
ResCSS 150 (2.7%)
ResCSS 250 (1.4%)
ResCSS 50 (2.7%)
ResCSS50 (2.7%)
ResCSS 100 (1.4%)
ResCSS 20 (29%)
ResCSS 55 (10.9%)
ResCSS 10 (29%)
ResCSS 30 (10.9%)
ResCSS 50 (5.8%)
ResCSS 100 (2.2%)
ResCSS 5 (3.6%)
ResCSS 15 (2.2%)
ResCSS 5 (3.6%)
ResCSS 15 (2.8%)
ResCSS 40 (16.9%)
ResCSS 100 (8.5%)
ResCSS 30 (16.9%)
ResCSS 60 (12.7%)
ResCSS 100 (12.7%)
ResCSS 150 (2.5%)
ResCSS 10 (12.7%)
ResCSS 30 (4.2%)
ResCSS 10 (8.5%)
ResCSS 30 (4.2%)

Find Adventures

The expensive task of finding Adventures is also a slow one and once you are able you need to be stocking up on Gold Coins and Sausages to send him out to find adventures for you.
Search Type Min. Level Cost Duration
Short 26 ResCSS 50 ResCSS 10 24 Hours
Medium 36 ResCSS 150 ResCSS 30 32 Hours
Long 42 ResCSS 350 ResCSS 60 48 Hours

A Savage Scout will take half the time shown in the table above, but the cost will be the same.

There is a less than 30% chance that an Explorer will find an adventure on each hunt but when he doesn't find one, he will return with Map Fragments instead, which can be collected and traded for a whole adventure at the Merchant Chest.

The chances of finding each adventure are shown below:

Adventure Search Type
Adventure Short (24hrs) Medium (32hrs) Long (48hrs)
Map fragment Map Fragments (3 Pieces)
(6 Pieces)
(9 Pieces)
Island of the pirates2 The Island of the Pirates 3.91% 2.48% -
Witch of the swamp2 Witch of the Swamp 3.91% 2.48% -
The dark priests2 Dark Priests 3.71% 2.48% -
Horseback2 Horseback 3.51% 1.86% -
Traitors2 Traitors 3.51% 1.86% -
Stealing from the rich2 Stealing from the Rich 3.32% 1.55% -
The lost skull2 The Lost Skull 3.91% 1.86% -
Tropical sun2 Tropical Sun 3.51% 1.86% -
Outlaws2 Outlaws 0.20% 5.88% 4.26%
Sons of the veld2 Sons of the Veld 0.16% 5.26% 4.68%
Victor the vicious2 Victor the Vicious 0.06% 3.10% 6.81%
The nords2 The Nords - 2.17% 3.40%
Secluded experiments2 Secluded Experiments - 1.24% 6.38%
The black knights2 The Black Knights - 0.62% 2.55%
The dark brotherhood2 The Dark Brotherhood - 0.31% 2.55%
Adv valiant little tailor The Valiant Little Tailor - - 1.28%

Explorer Types

There are several types of explorer, although these come into two major categories; either a 'Normal' explorer, or a 'Fast' explorer. A fast explorer simply does all searches in half the time of a Normal explorer. No extra abilities are gained by a Fast Explorer, except when applied in it's Skill Tree.

Icon Name Description Price Limit
Explorer Normal Explorer Available from the Tavern, this Explorer becomes available to buy at level 7. It is usually the first explorer a player will obtain. varies+ResCSS 3
Explorer Savage Scout Savage Scout The Savage Scout may be purchased at any time from the Black Market tab of the Merchant Chest. It is a 'Fast' explorer. 995 ResCSS 10
Explorer Experienced Experienced Explorer Another 'Fast' Explorer, this rare explorer can only be purchased from the Merchant Chest during the Easter Event. 475 ResCSS


Lucky Explorer Lucky Explorer A third faster than the Experienced Explorer or Savage Scout, and also provides a chance of finding buffs during searches.  This rare explorer can only be purchased from the Merchant Chest during the 2014 Football World Championship Event. 2.499 ResCSS


1.995 ResCSS


+: the first is free, the second is 800 ResCSS, the third is 1.600 ResCSS.