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Geologists are extremely useful and you will need at least one to get started with the production of raw material to be crafted into weapons and building supplies.

Geologist types

Icon Name Description Price Limit
Geologist Normal.png Geologist Available from the Tavern, this Geologist becomes available to buy at level 4. It is usually the first geologist a player will obtain. varies+ResCSS.png 3
Geologist Jolly Geo.png Jolly Geologist The Jolly Geologist may be purchased at any time from the Black Market tab of the Merchant Chest. It is a 'fast' geologist. 300 ResCSS.png ++

+: the first is 100 ResCSS.png, the second is 300 ResCSS.png, the third is 600 ResCSS.png.
++: can be purchased for lesser price (275 ResCSS.png) during sales, and for Guild Coins, if he is available in the Guild Market. (Like from October 2013 to March 2014.)

Building a geologist team is adviceable. In the early levels 1 Geologist will suffice but as you level up, 2-4 are desireable. The gold cost increases steeply so buy only as many as you comfortably need to keep on top. The 3 normal geologist limit is'nt a problem, because three geologist may be good enough. If you have at least one Jolly, and distribute the skill points deliberately.

Searching for raw materials

Once purchased he can be found in your Star Menu and once clicked he gives you a list of resources he can find. At first the list of items he can find is limited to just Stone but quickly expands as you gain levels: simply click on the resource, note the time it takes to find and click OK to send him on his way.

Resource Level requirement Search time
Stone ResCSS.png 4 2 minutes
Copper ore ResCSS.png 9 4 minutes
Marble ResCSS.png 17 30 minutes
Iron ore ResCSS.png 18 60 minutes
Coal ResCSS.png 23 240 minutes
Gold ore ResCSS.png 24 240 minutes

At any time you can hover over his portrait to see how far along he is. You can also halve to time remaining by spending 25 ResCSS.png.

Each resource is limited by its availability in the sectors you hold and also by level. As you level up the number of findable resources will gradually increase so it is wise to keep your Geologist out hunting as much as possible.

Deposits have a neat trick of being replenished by your geologists so once a deposit runs out send him out and he will re-find it for you.

Resource finding is also part of some Daily Quests and you might need to wait for a resource to deplete before you can send out your Geologist to find it and complete the quest.

Effect of the skills

Each Geologist can find a number of minerals. The time taken to find them is dependant on the type of Geologist that is used, and whether the Geologist has any extra skills.

The table below shows the time taken for each geologist type, and the reduced time when using with 3 points in the search skills Tendentious Geologist and Ore Collector.

Geologist Type Stone Copper Marble Iron Gold Coal
TroopsCSS.png Geologist 00:02:00 00:05:00 00:30:00 01:00:00 04:00:00 04:00:00
SkillsCSS.png with Tendentious Geol. skill 00:01:24 00:05:00 00:21:00 01:00:00 04:00:00 02:48:00
SkillsCSS.png with Ore Collector skill 00:02:00 00:03:30 00:30:00 00:42:00 02:48:00 04:00:00
TroopsCSS.png Jolly Geologist 00:01:00 00:02:30 00:15:00 00:30:00 02:00:00 02:00:00
SkillsCSS.png with Tendentious Geol. skill 00:00:42 00:02:30 00:10:30 00:30:00 02:00:00 01:24:00
SkillsCSS.png with Ore Collector skill 00:01:00 00:01:45 00:15:00 00:21:00 01:24:00 02:00:00

Some other skills can modify the attribute of the deposits, such as the resource quantity of the deposit, the mining speed and so on. Visually a laurel wreath indicates the modified deposits.

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