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Clearing your Island 's Sectors of Bandits can be a little confusing at first. This guide will give you the optimal use of troops to get the job done at a time when resources are scarce and losses can result in days of loss recovery.

You start by owning Sector 1 and as part of the Tutorial you gained Sector 4 (due North of starting camp) without a fight. From now on you have to expose Sectors with your Explorer and fight for them. The aim is to remove the Leaders camp and place a Storehouse in the Sector to take ownership of it. For completing this task you get 350 Gold Coins and +10 Building Licences per Sector taken.

Sometimes the games makers change the number of Camps and its troopcount. In that case, you can always consult the Combat Simulator. By pressing the Button "Choose Camp," a map of your Island appears and you can easily choose the camp you need and the calculator will fill in the number of bandits. Then it is up to you to match the right amount of troops to win the battle and minimize your losses.


Home island sectors.png

Sector 2


Your first conquest should be Sector 2 as it requires only 2 rather easy battles.

  1. Place your Generals Garrison anywhere in Sector 1 that is further South than the 2 camps you are going to attack.
  2. Click on the camps to locate the two you are going to hit.
  3. Build the troops you need and then Attack the first one.

The table below shows how many of recruits you should assign to your General to successfully attack each of the two camps in this sector. You will lose a small number of your recruits, and will need to make more in your Barracks to replace these.

Camp Enemy Units Attack with Expected Losses
1 TroopsCSS.png 6 TroopsCSS.png 10 TroopsCSS.png 3
Leader TroopsCSS.png 12 TroopsCSS.png 25 TroopsCSS.png 6

When the leader camp has been removed, you will need to place a Storehouse in the land to take ownership. A good location for the Storehouse, is just below Western mountain range, as it will be close to an open area to build South of it and near those resource rich mountains. Ensure you don't block any of the three copper mines that can be placed there.

You will note we didn't hit every camp and just took out the two we needed to clear the sector and you still got the maximum XP. If you wish you can clear every one and get its reward but it takes a lot longer to do and the real reward is the land and Building Licences you gain.

Sector 5


Move your General to the far East of Sector 2 in the little notch that pokes up around the rivers bend.

If you haven't revealled Sector 5 yet, use your Explorer to Sector Search and remove the cloud cover.

Form here we will attack North West towards the Leaders Camp but there are a few interesting little twists here that are good practice for what comes later on.

Camp Enemy Units Attack with Expected Losses


3 Scavengers




10 Scavengers



3 12 Scavengers 25R 5R


15 Scavengers

17R & 10B


5 20 Scavengers 26R & 10B 10R


25 Scavengers

26R & 20B


7 18 Scavengers 21R & 20B 8R


20 Scavengers & 10 Stone Throwers

35R & 20B



15 Scavengers & 20 Stone Throwers

35R & 36B


10 20 Scavengers & 20 Stone Throwers 41R & 36B 23R
11L 30 Scavengers& 20 Stone Throwers 45R & 36B


Eliminating any camp in this Sector will drop 1 of the following:

  • 50 Gold Coins, 100 Tools, 50 Pine Wood Logs, 50 Coal

Sector 7

Things step up a notch as this time the Leaders camp has a Boss in it and they take far more troops and inflict heavier losses. Always be careful attacking a Boss as he can easily wipe out the wrong kinds of troops sent against him.

Place your Garrison at the most North Easterly point of Sector 4 to start your campaign of Sector 7.

Camp Enemy Units Attack with Expected Losses


30 Scavengers & 30 Stone Throwers

61R & 43B


2 60 Scavengers 59R & 54B 31-38R

80 Scavengers

71R & 55B



50 Scavengers & 20 Stone Throwers

65R & 60B


5 60 Scavengers & 20 Stone Throwers 75R & 67B 41R
6 100 Scavengers 98R & 67B 43-48R
7L Boss: Skunk & 150 Scavengers 88R & 112B 69-86R

Eliminating any camp in this Sector will drop 1 of the following:

  • 20 Settlers, 50 Gold Coins, 50 Coal, 50 Bronze Swords, 100 Stone, 100 Tools, 50 Bows, 50 Pine Wood Planks

Sector 3

Place your Garrison at the most Southerly Part of the most Westerly point of Sector 2 to start your campaign of Sector 3. If you have access to Cavalry it can save you massive losses but their slow production rate will mean you will have to trade with friends to get the Brew and Horses to make them.

  • Be aware that of the Thugs in Sector 6 have Areas of Effect that can fatally distract your troops and cost you dearly and the recent path finding up date seems to make this now unavoidable.
Camp Enemy Units Attack with Expected Losses
1 40 Scavengers & 40 Stone Throwers 100R & 75B 49R
6R & 194C 2-6R
2 90 Scavengers & 10 Stone Throwers 80R & 75B 50R
32R & 168C 24-32R
3 5 Scavengers & 5 Stone Throwers 10R & 75B 6-7R
36C 0
4 80 Scavengers & 50 Stone Throwers 125R & 75B 77-79R
35R & 165C 25-32R
5 5 Scavengers & 85 Stone Throwers 125R & 75B 71R
138C 0
6L Boss: One-Eyed Bert & 79 Thugs 90R & 110B 58-89R

Eliminating any camp in this Sector will drop 1 of the following:

  • 50 Gold Coins, 50 Coal, 50 Bows, 20 Settlers, 150 Brew, 50 Bread, 50 Bronze Swords, 100 Pinewood Logs.

Sector 8

Garrison placement is crucial here as it provides the optimum position to clear both Sector 8 and 6. Place the Garrison at the mouth of the pass in the mountains that connect Sector 7 to 8.

This Sectors ramp in enemy strength introduces the need to send more than 1 wave of attackers, this means the first wave results in an injured General (putting him out of action for 4 hours) so for the first time you might want to invest some of that Gold Coin in a second General.. you will need 2-3 by the time you finish the island.

Camp Enemy Units Attack1 Attack2 Expected Losses
1 180 Dogs & 20 Rangers 200R 58R-72R
2 180 Thugs & 20 Dogs 200R 200R 252-270R
3 100 Thugs & 40 Dogs, 60 Rangers


or 200R


or 100C


or 200R


Metal Tooth,149 Rangers, 50 Roughnecks

105R, 95C

100R, 13M, 20C, 67LB

or 90R, 110LB

211-215R, 0-13M, 85-95C

or 180R max, 95C

Eliminating any camp in this Sector will drop 1 of the following:

  • 150 Gold Coins, 150 Bows, 50 Iron Swords, 200 Hard Wood Logs, 500 Beer, 100 Longbows, 200 Bread, 250 Tools, 500 Pine Wood Logs, 40 Settlers

Sector 6


Garrison placement is crucial here as we are going to use another trick that you will find extremely handy to be aware of when you tackle the bigger challanges of Adventures later on.

Attack the camps below and if you see your General distracted quickly retreat and re-position your Garrison.

Camp Enemy Units Attack1 Attack2 Attack3 Expected Losses
5 150 Thug, 30 Dogs & 20 Rangers 200R 175R 256R
6L Chuck, 50 Dogs, 49 Rangers, 100 Roughnecks 115C 85R, 40M, 75B 200R 225R, 40M, 75B, 115C

Destroying these two camps will win the sector. The following camps can be skipped:

Camp Enemy Units Attack1 Attack2 Attack3 Expected Losses
1 60 Thugs, 120 Dogs 200R 71-89R
2 60 Dogs, 120 Rangers 200R 87-108R
3 20 Thugs, 30 Dogs, 130 Rangers 200R 135R
4 30 Thugs, 120 Dogs, 20 Rangers 200R 113R

Eliminating any camp in this Sector will drop 1 of the following:

  • 150 Gold Coins, 100 Longbows, 250 Tools, 200 Bread, 150 Bows, 200 Hard Wood Logs, 200 Pine Wood Logs, 200 Stones

Sector 9

Sector-9 Bandit camps

Again position is everything. Never forget that the Garrison goes to the far North East of Sector 6 and partly hidden in the trees to again have the optimum angle of attack.

With this map skipping some camps is something of an issue as some of the possible rewards are rather good and you might want to try taking out a few of the skipped ones.

If you are not in a hurry then try your luck at getting the 300 Gold Coin rewards. See the reward list at the bottom of the section for a list of the possible rewards for clearing a camp in this sector.

Camp Enemy Units Attack1 Attack2 Expected Losses
1 50 Dogs, 40 Rangers & 110 Rough 150R 80R, 50C, 70LB 210-229R
2 60 Dogs, 120 Rangers & 20 Rough 72R 20R, 180C 80-88R
3 30 Dogs, 10 Rangers & 160 Roughnecks 200R 100R, 15C, 85LB 277-297R
These last 4 camps all overlap their Areas of Effect but you should still be able to hit them in this order. If the General get distracted Retreat him ASAP.
4 80 Dogs, 70 Rangers & 50 Rough 97R 40R, 1S, 100C, 59LB 124-137R
5 70 Dogs, 70 Ranger & 60 Rough 84R 57R, 89C, 54LB 125-140R
6 170 Dogs, 10 Rangers & 20 Rough 191R, 9S 65-86R
7 50 Dogs, 70 Rangers & 80 Rough 60R

99R, 1S, 75C, 25LB

8L Wild Mary & 199 Dogs 199C 35M, 50S, 115LB 199C, 35M, 45S

Eliminating any camp in this Sector will drop 1 of the following:

  • 300 Gold Coins, 500 Tools, 500 Bread, 1000 Coal, 1000 Brew, 1000 Stone,
  • 1000 Marble, 1000 Hard Wood Planks, 1000 Pine Wood Logs, 1000 Pine Wood Planks, 400 Bows,
  • 50 Longbows, 100 Iron Swords, 200 Granite, 20 Exotic Logs, 100 Settlers

Optional Camps

Clear these only of you want to have a go at getting some more of the excellent rewards before destroying the Leaders Camp.

Camp Enemy Units Attack1 Attack2 Expected Losses
7 200 Rangers 47R 1R, 199C 47R
8 140 Rangers & 60 Rough 50R 100R, 100C 121-148R
9 80 Rangers & 120 Rough 120R, 80B 50R, 50M, 100C 153-170R, 80B
10 200 Rough 200R 165R, 35LB 343-365R, 0-18LB
10 (alt) 200 Rough 175R, 25 LB 135R, 1S, 64 LB 285-310R, 25 LB
11 10 Dogs, 180 Rangers & 10 Rough 12R 69R, 1S, 130C


12 200 Dogs 200R 40-50R