The internal email system is your gateway to receiving trades, contacting others, daily rewards, battle reports and receiving information from the game.

New Mail


New mail is indicated by a chiming sound, an alert card popping up at the top left and after that a envelope attached to your profile picture.

You can open mail by clicking the alert card, the big envelope on the bottom bar or the envelope next to your portrait at the top left. All mail and the goods recieved by contained remain there indefintiely with the execption of offered trades that will invisibly timeout after 8 hours, returning the offered goods to their sender.

The Mail Interface

The new mail interface, introduced on 13th February 2014[1], has a lot of useful features.

Mail List

The list of mails is one list, and may span several pages. It cannot be organised into subsections, but the sort order may be changed by clicking on some of the column headers. The columns are:

(tickbox) Used for selecting multiple mails, or all mails (by clicking the column header). You may then delete the selected mails, or mark them all as 'unread' using the context menu.
Type Icon depicting the mail type - see the list of icons below.
From The origin of the mail, such as the player or NPC who sent it, or your own username for battle reports.
Subject What is the mail about?
Date The date on which the mail was received.
Expiration The time remaining until the mail is automatically removed. Personal mails aren't auto-removed.


The following buttons may be clicked on the perform various tasks:

Butt mail Create a new mail by clicking on this button.
Butt context Opens the Context Menu, from where you can reply to, mark or delete the selected mails.
Butt blocked Opens the list of blocked senders. You will not receive mails from anyone on this list. See Chat Commands for how to block or unblock other players.

Mail Type Icons

Each mail has a small icon next to it, so that you can see at a glance what type of mail it is. The following icons are used:

Icon Description
MailCSS Unread Message: A message which you have not yet opened.
MailCSS Read Message: A message which you have already looked at.
MailCSS Friend Request: A request from another player, to become friends.
MailCSS Trade Offer: An offer to trade resources, which can be accepted or declined.
MailCSS Buff Report: A friend buffed your buildings. Only received if you are offline or visiting an adventure.
MailCSS Quest Reward: A mail containing resources, either as the reward from a quest, or the result of a Treasure Search by an Explorer. You need to accept your reward in the mail to receive it.
MailCSS Adventure Message: The result of an Explorer's adventure search, or loot from an adventure.
MailCSS Battle Report: A blow-by-blow account of a battle against a bandit camp in which your troops participated.
MailCSS Guild Message: A message from a guild, such as an invitation to join.
MailCSS Gem Purchase: A report confirming your purchase of gems, or possibly a reward from BB Support.
MailCSS King's Message: A message from the King, usually received with a quest.


Your inbox is where you find all mails that you have received, usually with the most recent items at the top of the first page. To view older mails, you should scroll down the list or go to other pages.

You can re-sort the order of the mails by clicking on the Type or Date column headers. A second click on the same column header will reverse the order.


The Outbox simply displays all the mails that you have sent to other players. These mails cannot be removed, and will automatically disappear after a couple of weeks.

The outbox is useful for confirming that a mail has been sent, and also for forwarding a mail to another person.


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