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Map Fragment
Map fragment.png
A part of a map.
General Information
Made by: Explorer
Used by: Merchant Chest



Map Fragments are the result of the majority of Explorer Searches for Adventures.

When an Explorer does not find an adventure outright he will instead bring home a certain amount of Map Fragments. The amount of Map Fragments that the explorer finds depends on the length of the search. For example: a short search will yield 3 Map Fragments but a medium search will yield 6!

The Map Fragments can be spend on Adventures in the Merchant Chest. The more difficult the adventure, the more map fragments it will cost. Besides this it can also be spend on random resources in the Black Market section.

Basic Resources ResCSS.png Pinewood • ResCSS.png Pinewood Planks • ResCSS.png Stone • ResCSS.png Fish • ResCSS.png Map Fragment • ResCSS.png Guild Coins
Intermediate Resources ResCSS.png Coal • ResCSS.png Copper Ore • ResCSS.png Bronze • ResCSS.png Tools • ResCSS.png Water • ResCSS.png Wheat • ResCSS.png Brew • ResCSS.png Flour • ResCSS.png Bread • ResCSS.png Bronze Swords • ResCSS.png Bows • ResCSS.png Simple Paper • ResCSS.png Nib • ResCSS.png Manuscript
Advanced Resources ResCSS.png Hardwood • ResCSS.png Hardwood Planks • ResCSS.png Iron Ore • ResCSS.png Iron • ResCSS.png Steel • ResCSS.png Gold Ore • ResCSS.png Gold • ResCSS.png Gold Coins • ResCSS.png Marble • ResCSS.png Meat • ResCSS.png Sausages • ResCSS.png Horse • ResCSS.png Iron Swords • ResCSS.png Steel Swords • ResCSS.png Longbows • ResCSS.png Intermediate Paper • ResCSS.png Movable Type • ResCSS.png Tome
Expert Resources ResCSS.png Exotic Wood • ResCSS.png Exotic Wood Planks • ResCSS.png Titanium Ore • ResCSS.png Titanium • ResCSS.png Saltpeter • ResCSS.png Gunpowder • ResCSS.png Granite • ResCSS.png Wheels • ResCSS.png Carriages • ResCSS.png Damascene Sword • ResCSS.png Crossbows • ResCSS.png Cannons • ResCSS.png Advanced Paper • ResCSS.png Book Fitting • ResCSS.png Codex • ResCSS.png Magic Bean • ResCSS.png Magic Beanstalk • ResCSS.png Star Coins
Event Resources ResCSS.png Easter Eggs • ResCSS.png Pumpkins • ResCSS.png Presents • ResCSS.png Footballs • ResCSS.png Balloons • ResCSS.png Red Nose
Collection Items ResCSS.png Herbs • ResCSS.png Scarecrow • ResCSS.png Food Cart • ResCSS.png Banner • ResCSS.png Kettle • ResCSS.png Grain Sacks • ResCSS.png Leather • ResCSS.png Wine Barrel • ResCSS.png Adamantium Ore • ResCSS.png Bronze Cauldron • ResCSS.png Christmas Collectibles • ResCSS.png Easter Collectibles • ResCSS.png Football Collectibles