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More Secluded Experiments
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Do you remember the man who did all those strange experiments some time ago? He was not amused that your destroyed his laboratory. Now, he's back - and he wants his revenge. Fast! Quick - stop his new experiments before they're finished!

"New Island, Old Experiments"

General Information
Type: Follow-Up
Players: Players 2
Difficulty: Skulls 7
Duration: Duration 10 days


More Secluded Experiments is a Follow-Up adventure which is given as a possible reward from the Secluded Experiments adventure. It first appeared in the game on Thursday, 12th December 2013, coinciding with the start of the 2013 Christmas Event. During the event, it was also available from the 'Event' tab of the Merchant Chest for ResCSS.png 95 Presents.

Units Required: Days to compete:
??? 10


Map of More Secluded Experiments


Slot 1+2 Slot 3 Slot 5 Slot 6
ResCSS.png 1,000

ResCSS.png 1,500
ResCSS.png 1,000
ResCSS.png 1,500

ResCSS.png 500

ResCSS.png 500

Icon weak point potion.png 1
Icon small catapult.png 1
Icon ranged support.png 1
Icon pirate residence.png 1
Icon weak point potion.png 1
Icon ranged support.png 1
Slot 4 Slot 7
ResCSS.png 500

ResCSS.png 400

ResCSS.png 28,900
(or ResCSS.png 289)
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