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Old Ruins
Old Ruins.png
Dark ruins glowing mystically, changing the appearance of buildings. This is the problem these people have to deal with. They could really do with a hand.
General Information
Type: Event
Players: Players 1
Difficulty: Skulls 4
Duration: Duration 3 days
Units Required: 378R, 93M, 180C, 192S, 170L
Days to complete: 3

The new adventure leads you to an island famous for its beautiful ruins It seems the inhabitants there have the same problems as the last ones: their buildings look different than usual.

Attack / Loss numbers with [nn] are done with veteran general.

The locations of the trees are circled on the map on the right side.

Sector Enemy Attack With



Sector 1 60 Scavenger, 60 Stone Thrower 19R, 1S, 180C 18R
60 Scavenger, 70 Guard Dog 44R, 156S 38R
60 Scavenger, 50 Ranger 19R, 1S, 180C 16R
60 Ranger, 1 One-Eyed Bert 12R, 88S, 100C 12R
Sector 2 100 Wolf, 1 Croaker 8R, 192S 8R
Sector 3 80 Fanatic, 80 Shadowsneaker 87R, 113S 80R
80 Cultist, 1 Swamp Witch 85R, 115L 80R
80 Firedancer, 1 Swamp Witch W1:95R, 105C

W2:30R, 170L

125R, 105C
1 Night Spawn

93M, 107S

[ 93M, 157S ]


[ 63M ]

Total Expected Losses

378R, 93M, 105C

[ 63M ]

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