Population Limit

The Population Limit is just what it sounds like and regulates how many Settlers you can support on your island at any one time.

One Settler arrives on your island every 15 minutes up to the population limit, after which no more arrive until the limit is increased or settlers are lost in battle. To increase the limit you need to build and upgrade Residences or Noble Residences.

This is easily overlooked at the start of the game but you can keep track of it by hovering your mouse over the settlers face on the Top Bar.

Time Management

Since Settlers arrive so slowly it is wise to always try and avoid maxing-out your population, especially over night when new settlers can trickle into your camp. You can do this by adding and upgrading Residences or Noble Residences to keep the limit high as well as fighting battles to thin out numbers and not replenishing until you can deplete them again.

Some Quick Numbers:

  • 1 Settler every 15 Minutes
  • 4 Settlers per hour
  • 32 Settlers every 8 hours
  • 96 Settlers per day

The Village School building will add an additional 12 Settlers per day, one every two hours, per level.


There are various boosts in the Store, (Most noteably the Cheese Sandwich) and occasionally additional ones during Special Events, that speed up this migration time for a short duration and can be handy when short on Bread and you have a limited time to complete an Adventure.

Special Buildings

Building Population Aquire From Chance
White Castle +50 Stealing from the Rich ~3%
Dark Castle +100 The Black Knights ~5%
Hospitable Bone Church +100 Whirlwind
Witch Tower +100 The Dark Brotherhood ~5%
Frozen Manor +140 The Invasion of the Nords
Pirate Residence +50 End of the World event
Magnificent Residence +500 Shop for 15000 Magic Beans ...100%...