Your Portrait is the picture in of your Avatar on the top left of your games interface and there is a lot more to it than you might first think.

From the top down, this list shows everything that can be found on the menu:

Your Avatar picture

The picture of your Avatar's face is shown in the circle at the top of the Portrait Menu. This is the image you chose when you started playing the game, and cannot be changed.

XP Bar

Just beneath your Avatar picture is a curved bar that fills with green. This provides a visual indication of how close you are to your next level. You can also hover your mouse pointer over this bar to show you numerically how much total XP you have gained, and how much more you need to reach the next level.

Icon questlist Quest List

The Yellow ! Scroll that to the right of the XP bar is is your Quest List. Clicking this will open a window showing all your current quests.

User Name

Your user name is the name you chose when you started playing the game. This cannot normally be changed, although in some circumstances, BB Support can change it for you by request.


Your Current Level is displayed next. You start the game at Level 1, and can progress up to Level 50.

Premium Time

It is possible to purchase a Premium Account for a limited time, which provides a range of benefits. This part of the Portrait Menu will show you how much time you have left before your Premium Account expires. Hovering over it will also show you the benefits provided by a Premium Account.


Currently only available on the Test Server. Just below the Premium Time is a button which displays your current achievements score. You can click on this button to view the Achievements list.

Butt cog Cog Button

This opens the 'Settings' menu, or closes it. The Settings Menu has the following options in it:

  • Butt music Music Toggle: Turn Ambient Sound on/off
  • Butt sound Sounds Toggle: Turn Interface Sounds on/off
  • Butt video Cursors & Zoom: Move around the map or zoom in and out. Handy for touch screen users
  • Archive: Browse the archive of helpful information
  • Event Window: Only active during an event, opens the Event Window
  • New Shop Offers: Shows the latest additions to the Merchant Chest.
  • Support: Contact Support (opens in a new window)
  • Forum: Launch the TSO website forums (opens in a new window)

Butt fullscreen Fullscreen Mode

Currently only available on the Test Server. Switches your browser to full-screen mode, hiding your browsers title bar and tabs, and the Windows taskbar. Click again to go back to normal.

Butt power Red Power Button

Log out of the game.

So you can see there are a number of handy functions here that you should get to know and use.

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