When placing a new Storehouse in a freshly cleared zone you should remember that the Storehouse's proximity to any production building (mines, smelters, brewery, farms, etc) reduces the overall production time.

This is because all production buildings are tied to the storehouse and in a recent update the travel time to the storehouse is displayed whill placing a new structure.

You can see this in detail for yourself by clicking on an existing building and clicking the Details Tab to see the time taken to do things and compare it with another building of the same type and it's relative loaction to the stores.

Here is an example:

  • Farmer walks to Field and gets Wheat  > Takes Wheat back to Farm > Processes > Takes Wheat to Stores > Walks Back to Farm > Repeat
  • Smelter walks to Stores > Takes Metal to Forge > Smelts > Takes Ingot back to Stores > Returns Home > Repeat

It is therefore advantageous to carefully place buildings that produce goods as close to the stores as possible and those that also consume a deposit (Masons, Fishermen, Hunters, etc) between the deposit and the Stores.

Town Planning

One of the best configurations is the grid pattern where you have a stores at the centre and have buildings radiate out from it.

Field Field Field Field Field
Field Farm Farm Farm Field
Field Farm Store Farm Field
Field Farm Farm Farm Field
Field Field Field Field Field

Proximity Bonus

In the example above you can see the store is 1 move from any farm and each farm is 1 move from any field and minimise how far the farmer has to walk to gather Wheat and Deliver it to the stores.

The way the map is layed out with geography and permanent deposits this ideal mapping is hard to come by and it is wise to map out new locations using roads and a hovering a wheatfield around (not deploying it, just using it to see where can be built on) to make a grid. There are several areas with fairly large and uninterrupted grids, mostly in Sector 6 & 9.