The Settlers Online Wiki

Star Menu

The Star menu is accessed from the large star shaped button at the center bottom of your game window. The Menu consists of a series of tabs that hold Specialists, Buffs, Resources, Misc.


Professionals purchased from the Tavern: Explorer, Geologists and General are operated from here.


Resources created in the Provision House or found during adventures appear here. Clicking on a resource and then placing it on your Mayor's House will add the indicated amount to your current stores.

Resources stored in the Star Menu are never consumed and large amounts can be safely held here until needed.


The buffs created in the Provision House appear here and can be clicked on and deposited on production buildings to double output.


Any Adventures found by your Explorer or gifted during an event appear here. Click on one to open it and decide whether you wish to start it or not.

Any building deeds you aquire will also be found under the Misc tab.