Gem Store


The Store is the chest icon at the bottom right of your screen and gives you access to the games premium content.

Most content is purchased via Gems that you obtain by logging in every day (100 Gems every concurrent 7 days played) or by using real cash to purchase them in bulk.

You should note that nothing in the Stores is necessary to have a successful experience in playing The Settlers Online and (Special Event Items aside) the only really useful items for regular player is the +10 Building Licences, the Noble Residence Deed, Adventures and possibly the +50% Speed Geologist and Explorer.


The Store is build up in different sections. Each section has different items to offer. The following sections are available:

Section Description
Premium Offers you to buy an X amount of premium days.
Resources Offers the option to buy resources in bulk.
Architect Offers certain unique buildings.
Black Market Offers uniqure units, resources and more.
Wholesale Offers huge amounts of certain essential resources.
Adventure Offers most of the adventures in the game.
Deposits Offers a lot of deposit refillers.
Guild Market Offers items that are voted for by ALL the players.
Decorations Offers decorative buildings and building appearances.
Epic Items Offers buildings and units for high leveled players.
Limited Offers Occasional special offers, grab 'em while you can!
World Cup Special offers can be found here during World Cup!

Special Events

During seasonal events a new in-game currency will be added and collecting the currency (Easter Eggs, Pumpkins, Footballs, Presents, etc.) will allow access to some highly rewarding items. Once the event closes the items will often become purchasable with Gems but at a vastly increased cost.