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The Heroic Little Tailor
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You have received a messenger pigeon from your old friend, the little tailor.
He has divorced the princess after realising she couldn't be the right person for him if she demands he risk his life for no reason.
General Information
Players: Players 3
Difficulty: Skulls 10


The Heroic Little Tailor is a follow-up fairytale adventure, which is found as a possible reward in the loot from The Clever Little Tailor adventure. It may also be purchased from the Epic Items section of the Merchant Chest for ResCSS.png 1,500.

Guide Information

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSS.png Normal General (max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS.png Battle-Hardened General (max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS.png Veteran General (max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSS.png Major General (max. 270 troops)


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There are a number of subquests during this adventure, yet none of them provide any extra reward.

Subquest Name Requirements & Completion Details
The Hermit's Hut Defeat all wildlife caves in the forest. You arrive at the forest and read the little tailor's instructions carefully: "The Hermit who gave me shelter always keeps his hut well lit at night to scare off the wild animals. Just wait for night to fall and you should see the light which will guide you to me."
Good work. You have reached the hut and secured the area around it. You see the little tailor running out of the hut with a relieved smile.
Clear the first sector.
The Black Bull Defeat the Black Bull! You decide to wait the rest of the night before leaving, but in the morning you are aroused by the violent sounds of screaming and roaring animals.
You hurry out of the hut, and on the other side of the nearby river you see a great black bull and a majestic stag fighting each other.
For a long time, it is uncertain which of the two is going to be victorious, but then the bull thrusts his horns into the stag's body. Though wounded, the stag continues to fight, but it is obvious he won't be able to hold on much longer.
Suddenly the tailor runs off, with the words: "Don't just stand there - we have to help the stag!"
You have successfully rescued the stag. The black bull realised he had no chance, and ran away.
Clear the second sector.
Track the Stag Follow the stag! Suddenly the stag rushes towards the tailor, entangles him on his antlers and runs away.
You decide to follow them.
Careful though - all the wild animals the stag rushes past in his hurry are now upset, and they will attack you on sight...
Well done! You managed not to lose his trail while fending off hordes of wild animals.
Clear the third and fourth sectors.
The Tower Defeat all enemies in the tower You follow the tracks to a barren mountainous area. In the distance you can see a soaring tower, and your intuition tells you that you will find the little tailor there.
After the fight with the cultists, you find the little tailor in the catacombs below the tower, together with a maiden. "Hurry up, I'll explain everything later!" he says.
Clear the fifth sector.
Fighting the Cultists Fight your way to the Dark Magician! The little Tailor tells you what happened: "Alright, the stag didn't mean to harm me when he caught me on his antlers. He took me to this tower where I found this maiden. She had been imprisoned in a glass coffin by a dark magician, because she did not return his affection.
He also imprisoned her entire castle, together with her entire court, by diminishing it in size.
And the stag is in reality her brother! And the bull he was fighting with was the dark magician transformed by dark magic!
We need to reach the Dark Magician's castle and defeat him so we can free the maiden's shire and break the curse affecting her brother!"
"We're almost there. I can see the top of his castle behind those hills!"
Clear the sixth sector.
The Dark Magician Defeat the Dark Magician! "Alright, now only a few cultists stand between us and the magician. Let's not waste any time - who knows what dark magic he is conjuring right now..."
Clear the last sector.


The following bandits are found in The Heroic Little Tailor adventure.



Swamp Witch



Dark Priest


Dancing Dervish

Dark High Priest





Wolf Packleader

Black Bull

Dark Wizard


Slot 1 Slot 2 + 3 Slot 4 + 5 + 6 + 7

670 ResCSS.png (99.5%)
100 ResCSS.png (0.5%)

500 ResCSS.png (23.6%)
2,300 ResCSS.png (1.4%)
500 ResCSS.png (23.6%)
2,300 ResCSS.png (1.4%)
500 ResCSS.png (23.6%)
2,300 ResCSS.png (1.4%)
500 ResCSS.png (23.6%)
2,300 ResCSS.png (1.4%)

1 BuffCSS.png (33.3%)
1 BuffCSS.png (33.3%)
250 Refill universal.png (33.3%)

Slot 8

up to
91,090 ResCSS.png
or up to 228 ResCSS.png

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