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The Invasion of the Nords
Invasion of the nords img.png
One of our traders just arrived back from Nearpole Island and has some grave news! He claims the most feared Nords have invaded the island and bought a cold wind along with them! They came from the northern islands that were believed to be buried under the ice. We need to head to Windy Island and see what's happening!
General Information
Type: Experience
Players: Players 1
Difficulty: Skulls 6
Duration: Duration 8 days


The Invasion of the Nords is a tough, single-player Adventure, which uses a snowy version of the map found in The Nords Adventure, with extra frozen 'bridges' in several places. It was introduced onto the Test Server on Tuesday 6th August 2013, but it had been exclusively available on the German servers for several months before that, and had appeared on the Test Server for a short time, before then.


The table below shows how many troops you should expect to bring for each general type. As some of the camps in this adventure are difficult to conquer with a normal general, troop numbers are only shown for Veteran or Major generals.

General Type Troops Required Expected Losses
Normal unknown unknown
Veteran TroopsCSS.png 129TroopsCSS.png 419TroopsCSS.png 236TroopsCSS.png 72TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 246 TroopsCSS.png 129TroopsCSS.png 412TroopsCSS.png 72
Major unknown unknown


Map of The Island of the Nords

The adventure map allows for many of the Leader camps to be removed with minimal attacks on normal camps, thus reducing losses. There are several 'blue' sectors all over the map from the start, so the guide below can almost be done in any preferred order. The leader camps have a red area of influence in this adventure, so when sending attacks, you only have to ensure you reach the leader's area of influence first.

There are also a number of Expired Wells located around the island which can be clicked on.  These are required for the third adventure quest, when you destroy all six to 'bury' pieces of a mystical device.


The following sub-quests are required to complete the adventure.

Note that XP from subquests is not immediately received, but added to the total that you will receive at the end of the adventure.

Quest Requirements Details Reward
The Mystical Globe Destroy the camps of the invaders and stop them The situation is worse than expected! They've taken over the island, and using a mystical item called the Hoarfrost Globe, they've covered the land in ice. What is the globe? It's a mystical item filled with pure frost essence... we need to find it and destroy it! The spy said it's inside one of the many enemy camps. Let's go, we're running out of time! ResCSS.png 1,500
Marching in the Snow Destroy the camps of the invaders and stop them This is not good - we're going to freeze here! We need to find the globe and destroy it! Let's battle our way to the next camp! ResCSS.png 1,500
The Hidden Shards Look for the [6] depleted wells around the island and destroy them. The leader has broken the globe into six pieces! They have all been hidden inside some old depleted wells around the island! You must find and destroy the depleted wells now! The ice is getting to our bones! ResCSS.png 1,500
The Frozen Core Destroy the camps of the invaders and stop them Wait! Our youngest spy has come back, saying there is another part to the globe! The last piece, the core, is in the hands of their leader, Odinom the Cruel! This is it - we need to find him and destroy the final piece! ResCSS.png 1,500

Guide Information

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSS.pngNormal General(max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS.pngBattle-Hardened General(max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS.pngVeteran General(max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSS.pngMajor General(max. 270 troops)

The guide below has NO BLOCKING, and is therefore easier for beginners, but not necessarily the most efficient method. You should be able to find guides that have blocking on the official forums.

Where multiple options are available, the first is the recommended one, but others are shown for players who may wish to preserve different troops.  The losses are the top of the page are for the recommended options.


Camp Bandits Attack With Losses
First, move to the second Landing position (see map), to attack the leader camp just north of there.
Nords Leader 1
TroopsCSS.png 140TroopsCSS.png 60 Wave 1: TroopsCSS.png 100TroopsCSS.png 100
Wave 2: TroopsCSS.png 30TroopsCSS.png 170
TroopsCSS.png 100TroopsCSS.png 100TroopsCSS.png 25
TroopsCSS.png 55TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 194 TroopsCSS.png 55
TroopsCSS.png 32TroopsCSS.png 102TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 115 TroopsCSS.png 32TroopsCSS.png 102
Wave 1:

TroopsCSS.png 110
Wave 2: TroopsCSS.png 95TroopsCSS.png 155

TroopsCSS.png 203
TroopsCSS.png 38TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 191 TroopsCSS.png 38TroopsCSS.png 40
Back to Landing area 1 to eradicate the leader camp, L2. Trying to attack from the newly claimed sector will hit the trap, T1, so we won't do that.
Nords Camp 1
TroopsCSS.png 150TroopsCSS.png 50 TroopsCSS.png 30TroopsCSS.png 50TroopsCSS.png 120 TroopsCSS.png 28
TroopsCSS.png 9TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 180 TroopsCSS.png 9
TroopsCSS.png 5TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 185 TroopsCSS.png 4
TroopsCSS.png 75TroopsCSS.png 195 None!
Nords Camp 2
TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 120 TroopsCSS.png 30TroopsCSS.png 110TroopsCSS.png 60 TroopsCSS.png 28
TroopsCSS.png 9TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 143TroopsCSS.png 97 TroopsCSS.png 9
TroopsCSS.png 4TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 150TroopsCSS.png 95 TroopsCSS.png 4
TroopsCSS.png 165TroopsCSS.png 105 None!
Nords Leader 2
TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 160 TroopsCSS.png 18TroopsCSS.png 140TroopsCSS.png 42 TroopsCSS.png 17
TroopsCSS.png 8TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 200TroopsCSS.png 41 TroopsCSS.png 8
TroopsCSS.png 4TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 200TroopsCSS.png 45 TroopsCSS.png 4
TroopsCSS.png 210TroopsCSS.png 60 None!
The next zone has THREE leader camps, and we attack them from different places, so we'll start with L3. Place your general just north of camp C3 for your next attack, which needs a Veteran General.
Nords Camp 3
TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 33TroopsCSS.png 52TroopsCSS.png 165 TroopsCSS.png 31
TroopsCSS.png 33TroopsCSS.png 52TroopsCSS.png 165 TroopsCSS.png 31
Nords Leader 3
TroopsCSS.png 85TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 35 TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 50TroopsCSS.png 90 TroopsCSS.png 53
TroopsCSS.png 90TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 53TroopsCSS.png 106 TroopsCSS.png 90
TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 98TroopsCSS.png 112 TroopsCSS.png 39
TroopsCSS.png 69TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 94TroopsCSS.png 106 TroopsCSS.png 69
Your general should now move to the north-east corner of the area just south of L4, so that he enters the intercept zone for the leader camp, before any other camp. After destroying this camp, the first quest will be completed.
Nords Leader 4
TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 60 TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 189 TroopsCSS.png 60
TroopsCSS.png 51TroopsCSS.png 219 TroopsCSS.png 50
Tuck your general into the southern corner of the same area, just north of L5, so that he will be inside the intercept zone for the leader camp as soon as he leaves his camp.
Nords Leader 5
TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 120TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 55TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 28TroopsCSS.png 166 TroopsCSS.png 55
TroopsCSS.png 42TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 187 TroopsCSS.png 42
After you take L5, the second subquest will be complete, and you will have to find the 6 depleted wells, which are shown on the map above as red circles. You can then continue attacking camps, so put your general in the western corner of the area to the east of L6, where you can also take the following 2 camps.
Nords Leader 6
TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 20 TroopsCSS.png 44TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 59TroopsCSS.png 146 TroopsCSS.png 44
TroopsCSS.png 38TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 70TroopsCSS.png 161 TroopsCSS.png 38
Nords Camp 4
TroopsCSS.png 120TroopsCSS.png 80 TroopsCSS.png 192TroopsCSS.png 8 TroopsCSS.png 175
TroopsCSS.png 55TroopsCSS.png 195 TroopsCSS.png 55
TroopsCSS.png 50TroopsCSS.png 220 TroopsCSS.png 50
Nords Leader 7
TroopsCSS.png 40TroopsCSS.png 120TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 189 TroopsCSS.png 58
TroopsCSS.png 53TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 216 TroopsCSS.png 53
The final transfer of your general is to the north-east corner, as close as possible to the four remaining Nords camps. Unfortunately, without blocking, you will have to take out each of these...
Nords Camp 5
TroopsCSS.png 200 Wave 1: TroopsCSS.png 200
Wave 2: TroopsCSS.png 100TroopsCSS.png 100
TroopsCSS.png 200TroopsCSS.png 100TroopsCSS.png 66
TroopsCSS.png 75TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 174 TroopsCSS.png 75
TroopsCSS.png 59TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 210 TroopsCSS.png 58
Nords Camp 6
TroopsCSS.png 200 TroopsCSS.png 15TroopsCSS.png 185 TroopsCSS.png 15TroopsCSS.png 10
TroopsCSS.png 13TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 236 TroopsCSS.png 13
TroopsCSS.png 270 None!
Nords Camp 7
TroopsCSS.png 200 TroopsCSS.png 172TroopsCSS.png 28 TroopsCSS.png 130
TroopsCSS.png 4TroopsCSS.png 246 TroopsCSS.png 4
TroopsCSS.png 270 None!
Nords Leader 8
TroopsCSS.png 60TroopsCSS.png 80TroopsCSS.png 60 TroopsCSS.png 35TroopsCSS.png 17TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 197 TroopsCSS.png 35TroopsCSS.png 17
TroopsCSS.png 56TroopsCSS.png 1TroopsCSS.png 213 TroopsCSS.png 56

Completion Message

Done! The Hoarfrost Globe was destroyed, and the Nords will think twice before they try something like that again! Sadly, Odinom the Cruel managed to escape, and I fear this is not the last time we will hear of him. Anyway, it's over! No, don't go yet... you see, we've found a frozen chest inside Odinom's tent. It contains several "interesting" items that we must take back to Capital Island. However, you may keep this one. I'm sure it will be of great use to you. Let this be our little secret.


The rewards for this adventure appear to be 150% of The Nords, plus a bonus.

The bonus can be:

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