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The Sleeping Volcano
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We've had our share of weird people trying to do weird things, but this is going a tad too far. There's this alchemist who somehow managed to create the "Cult of the Sleeping Flame". He actually has followers! And that's not all... here comes the best part: he wants to revive a sleeping volcano. Yes, you heard me. Flintrock Island is right on the top of a sleeping volcano, and we must go there and save those people before the cult leader burns the whole island to ashes!
General Information
Type: Mini
Players: Players 1
Difficulty: Skulls 3
Duration: Duration 12 hours


The Sleeping Volcano is an adventure that was introduced to the Test Server on Tuesday 6th August 2013. It is a mini-adventure which requires the player to click on items on the map to gain maximum XP.


Level: 26
Merchant: ResCSS.png 895
Adventure Search: Short (?.??%), Medium (?.??%)
Trade: ~ ResCSS.png 900-1200


General Type Requirements
TroopsCSS.png TroopsCSS.png TroopsCSS.png Total
TroopsCSS.png Normal General (200 troops) 241 189 140 570
TroopsCSS.png Master of Martial Arts (220 troops) 140 218 152 510
TroopsCSS.png General Log (220 troops) ? ? ? ?
TroopsCSS.png Veteran General (250 troops) 166 245 183 594
TroopsCSS.png Major General (270 troops) 162 267 183 612


Map of The Sleeping Volcano

The adventure map is linear, with an anti-clockwise spiral route finishing in the centre. There are four Stone Statues along the way, each protected by a group of bandits. The leader camp, in the centre, is a Witch Tower.

The map also contains five sets of 'Scattered Bones', which you will need to find during the adventure.


The following sub-quests are required to complete the adventure.

Note that XP from subquests is not immediately received, but added to the total that you will receive at the end of the adventure.

Quest Details Reward
Destroy the tower and entrance to the creek You will need to attack the first tower, on the south side of the island, near where you generals land. See the map above for the locations of the Statues, and the guide below for troop numbers. ResCSS.png 50
Destroy the tower near the village. The second tower is direct north of the first. You won't be able to transfer your general any closer, so will need to attack from where you are. ResCSS.png 50
Find the lizard bones and destroy them. There are 5 sets of 'Scattered Bones' to be found around the map. See the map image above for the locations. ResCSS.png 50
Find the tower in the middle of the island and destroy it. Take out the remaining Stone Statues, and then the Witch Tower. ResCSS.png 200


Camp Enemy Attack With Average Losses
Stone Statue 1 TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 10 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 189 TroopsCSS.png 10
TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 218 TroopsCSS.png 1
TroopsCSS.png 4 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 245 TroopsCSS.png 4
TroopsCSS.png 2 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 267 TroopsCSS.png 2
Stone Statue 2 TroopsCSS.png 50 TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 16 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 183 TroopsCSS.png 15
TroopsCSS.png 7 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 212 TroopsCSS.png 6
TroopsCSS.png 10 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 239 TroopsCSS.png 9
TroopsCSS.png 8 TroopsCSS.png 1 TroopsCSS.png 261 TroopsCSS.png 7
Stone Statue 3 TroopsCSS.png 30 TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 30 TroopsCSS.png 50 TroopsCSS.png 100 TroopsCSS.png 48
TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 50 TroopsCSS.png 38
TroopsCSS.png 50 TroopsCSS.png 100 TroopsCSS.png 48
TroopsCSS.png 50 TroopsCSS.png 100 TroopsCSS.png 48
Stone Statue 4 TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 40 TroopsCSS.png 30 TroopsCSS.png 45 TroopsCSS.png 140 TroopsCSS.png 43
TroopsCSS.png 35 TroopsCSS.png 110 TroopsCSS.png 33
TroopsCSS.png 45 TroopsCSS.png 140 TroopsCSS.png 43
TroopsCSS.png 45 TroopsCSS.png 140 TroopsCSS.png 43
Witch Tower TroopsCSS.png Dark High Priest
TroopsCSS.png 80 TroopsCSS.png 40
TroopsCSS.png 120 TroopsCSS.png 80 TroopsCSS.png 111
TroopsCSS.png 57 TroopsCSS.png 152 TroopsCSS.png 53
TroopsCSS.png 57 TroopsCSS.png 183 TroopsCSS.png 53
TroopsCSS.png 57 TroopsCSS.png 183 TroopsCSS.png 53
Total Average Losses TroopsCSS.png 227
TroopsCSS.png 131
TroopsCSS.png 157
TroopsCSS.png 153


The following enemies are found in The Sleeping Volcano adventure:





Dancing Dervish

Dark High Priest


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