• To trade you must be LVL 17 with a Branch office. Opens the trade tab and allows trade by clicking on friends.
  • You can buy with gems and real cash while in tutorial but assume you didnt mean that.
  • Only the Main Quest gives XP. Never the Daily or a Waiting Daily Quest, they mostly rob you of precious resources for little reward.. and no XP ever


  • Build residences to up your settler limt. Check the settler face in the top bar for details, new settlers arrive every 15mins up to population limit. Use settler boosts from your star menu to quick fill up to the limit too.
  • At lvl 18 I had 7 stone & 3 Marble deposits searchable... at lvl 17 I had 5 stone and 1 marble limits.
  • Red ! on a building: Open the building or mouse over it for a breakdown of whats missing (Prolly a resource), make sure you have enough spare.. maybe stop consuming the item for a bit by opening a building and pressing stop, dont forget to turn back on once done.

Note your Details tab for buildings.. shows how far Settlers have to travel to get and deliver Resources


  • XP meter is the transparent and green filled curved slot below your portrait top left below your avatar, mouse over it.
  • Click on the guild button select a guild.. view the Leader and send them a nice polite email
  • Make a buff in the Provision House using the ingredients required, let it generate, Star menu, pick buff and use it on your buildings .. or better still: visit your friend, and trade buffs for +50% longer buffing duration.


  • Basic Wood Production Ratios: 3 Foresters > 2 Cutters > 4 Saw Mills : that alters with upgrades, Coking Plants and Bow Makers, etc.
  • Basic Farming Ratios: 4 Farms > 2 Mills > 1 Baker + Fields & Wells
  • Basic Bronze Production Ratios: 3 Copper Mines > 2 Copper Smelters & 3 Coking Plants > 2 Weapon Smiths & 3 Coking Plants
  • 2 Coking Plants to a Tool Maker
  • All deposits and resources are static.. you just have to rediscover them with appropriate geologist or buffs or foresters.
  • Wheat is harvested sequentially so it takes longer to harvest not quicker
  • Brew is made of Wheat from a farm & field with water from a well in the brewery.
  • Geologists will find new ore veins in the exact same spot
  • Gold is rare at first so be careful with it and stock it up, You can buy People in the tavern and higher level upgrades later on
  • Send Geologist to find Copper, place Copper Mine on found deposit, make a Copper Smelter and Coking Plant to produce Bronze. Then make a Bronze Weapon Smith and more Coking Plants


  • Use the Explorer in Star menu to Sector Search, build an army, wipe out a sector, place a Storehouse to take control once cleared (centerally with good space around it). Open the +10 Buildings Licences that arrive in email to place in Star menu, click them int he Star menu and place on your Mayor's House.
  • Second General just adds another Garrison of troops.. prolly of no use until past lvl18 when you max out at over 200 troops
  • Explorers are well worth the cash.. send them out for hunts to find your treasure and explore new sectors
  • Transfer the Garrison to move it to a new location or buy an new General to have two.
  • Use to plan your battles.
  • You will lose basic units in every battle.. so protect expensive ones (bows & swords, when you have them) with Recruits dying in their place.
  • Watch for red zones you might enter during a battle, you might get into another fight you cant win. If so Retreat at the Garrison and Transfer it to a new location for a better attacking angle.
  • Move your garrison to avoid crossing red areas or just be on the very edge of them.. Retreat command at the Garrison will avoid losses if you get caught heading into a battle you don't want.
  • Google "Settlers Online Combat Simulator"


  • You have to be Lvl 17 with a Branch Office to be able to trade.
  • In the trade tab: select the traded items, click the Send Trade Request and repeat.. updating every so often for new trades