Transferring is found in the Garrison menu and is used to reposition the General for a better angle of attack and probably avoiding unnecessary engagements.

Transferring takes a little time to pack and unpack the Garrison but has the serious advantage of making your General invunerable to attack during the move, so feel free to have him walk straight through an enemies area of effect without fear of injury.

This is particularly useful during Adventures where angle of attack is everything and can save you from unnecessary battles and avoid hundreds of needless troop losses.

How to Transfer



To transfer click the Garrison:

  • Click Transfer button in the Garrison/
  • The areas free for your General to relocate to light up in green
  • Click on a green area to move to it.

Note the path that gets drawn to show the route your general will take to his new destination.

The path is drawn as a red dotted path and in the July 2012 update shows the exact path of movement and can be used to predict incursions into the Areas of Effect of exisitng enemy camps.